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Add a warning prompt before deleting a line if it has elements drawn in the profile view.

This warning would be useful to avoid loosing work done in profile views.
1 day ago in Geometry / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer / User Interface 0 Future consideration

Deed Boundary Tool Enhancement to Allow User to Establish Civil Rules on Created Shape/Boundary

Please consider adding a toggle to the Deed Boundary tool to create civil rules on the created shape, so this boundary can be a ruled boundary. The goal behind creating this as a ruled boundary is to give the user the option to update the created ...
11 days ago in Geometry / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer 0 Future consideration

Need ability of having different Spiral Types in OpenRoads Designer

Need to have an option of having different spiral curve types in OpenRoads Designer mainly cubic parabola which is similar in OpenRail Designer. This is also required to satisfy new expressway design specification as per table no 2.4 in clause no ...
about 1 month ago in Geometry / OpenRoads Designer 0 Future consideration

Snapping to arc/spiral end in profile

I would highly recommend to let user to snap to arc or spiral end in profile design. As you can see in the attached video I can't find intersection between profile alignment and vertical line that indicates arc/spiral end. To find intersection b...
6 months ago in Geometry / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer 0 Future consideration
151 VOTE

Drawing layout from right to left - plan and profile.

Fundamental convention for technical drawing demands that the north arrow point to the top of the page. Often an alignment either provided by a client or already exiting will progress from right to left. This being said, when creating plan and pro...
almost 2 years ago in Drawing Production / Geometry / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer 3 Planned

Define Station (similar to Internal Station) from defined alignment

It is often that alignment starting from a turnout is using mainline stationing at toe of the turnout. So it would be useful to have a method to define station at first or last point of Alignment-A from Alignment-B, and ruled.Maybe not limited to ...
6 days ago in Geometry / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer 0 Future consideration
106 VOTE

Separate vertical alignment model from horizonal geometry

One of my biggest pain points about ORD is if the horizontal geometry is dropped or broken, the vertical is consequently lost as well. This creates significant rework from a design and plan production standpoint (connected named boundaries). One w...
over 1 year ago in Geometry / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer 2 Future consideration
110 VOTE

Show and annotate projected points on profile view

Show and annotate projected points on profile view. This is for dynamic and drawing production profiles.
almost 2 years ago in Annotation / Geometry / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer 3 Future consideration

Make the Geometry Copy Element tool clone / duplicate an element with all rules, etc.

Currently the Copy Element tool either fail to copy, copies elements incomplete (with missing Vertical Geometry) or does not reproduce rules as intended. The Geometry Copy Element command should effectively be a cloning tool that copies everything...
about 1 year ago in Geometry / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer 1 Future consideration

Ability to append, join, or combine individual alignments and have it hold the sub alignment stationing, which would create station equations

In Geopak, we had the ability to take individual alignments and create an overall alignment from a subset of alignments and it would hold the individual stationing for each alignment, creating station equations. There is no way to do this in ORD u...
11 months ago in Geometry / OpenRail Designer / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer 3 Future consideration