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OpenRail ConceptStation

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Profile Overlap

Would be beneficial to be to add overlaps to profile named boundaries so they match the plan sheets. Would like for this to be an automated option when creating profile named boundaries based from the Plan sheet named boundaries.
10 months ago in Drawing Production / OpenRail ConceptStation / OpenRoads Designer / OpenSite Designer 0 Future consideration

Better integration between ConceptStation and OpenRoads

Why is the export back to ALG and DTM those are both deprecated features in SS10 prodoucts. Why can't it create a alignment and profile that can be read by OpenRoads. Why can't I import in my client ITL file
5 months ago in Import/Export / OpenRail ConceptStation / OpenRoads ConceptStation 1 Future consideration

Create transitions between templates to eliminate gaps between them

A useful tool which shoud be added to the program is transition between different types of templates. It would be useful both in cases of tracks and corridors ( namely surfaces with different width ). Currently, if one implements several types of ...
5 months ago in OpenRail ConceptStation 0 Needs review

Choose whether imported geometry will follow terrain model or corridor profile

I observed that when one imports a geometry from OpenRail designer WITHOUT profile, Concept Station tends to create a profile on the basis of the terrain model. However, there are cases when it is better for the program to follow a corridor profil...
5 months ago in OpenRail ConceptStation 0 Needs review

Update turnout library for concept station

Clearly, concept station has a lot of potential as a conceptualization tool. However, just as any other tool at its birth, has issues that needs to be adressed. I noticed that the turnout library for swedish turnouts is outdated: it does not have ...
5 months ago in OpenRail ConceptStation 0 Needs review